Christmas Lockdown

Merry Christmas everyone. We have received the following letter form the city of Ottawa.

Dear Skate Shop Operators,

The Province of Ontario announced the City of Ottawa in Restrict Phase (Orange) on Tuesday November 3.  These new restrictions limit the number of people in each facility to 50 people.  This includes participants, coaches, officials and 1 parent/guardian per participant. There are no spectators permitted as well as no loitering in the lobbies and hallways.

Based on these restrictions and the drop-in nature of your businesses, we are keeping skate shops closed at least until the City of Ottawa is moved to the Protect Phase (Yellow). Once we are moved to the Protect Phase, we will continue to work with Public Health to adapt to the new restrictions. We endeavor to develop specific Conditions of use that will allow you to operate without impacting our current conditions in place for ice users.

If you wish to prepare for the next phase, please develop a Return to service plan that would include the following criteria:

  • Considerations for a reservation system and/or for a drop-off/pick up system;
  • Plan for contact tracing;
  • Plan to avoid congregation in the lobby and to allow for proper traffic flow in the facility;
  • Safety plan, including cleaning standards, safety equipment and mechanisms in place to ensure the safety of staff and members of the public.

The spread of COVID-19 remains a significant concern in arena operations and we look forward to welcoming you back when the restrictions allow it.

We will hopefully be able to open in the new year. Best of luck to everyone have a happy New Year.